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Question Title IE Security

There are a number of new security features that have been introduced in IE 7, to make this a much safer browser than IE 6 which had many security flaws and vulnerabilities.

The built-in Pop-up Blocker prevents pop-up advertising windows, and the Phishing Filter lets you know if you are visiting a site that is a security risk and may attempt to trick you into giving your personal information.

The Address bar will change colour to show if a web site might be dangerous - yellow means you should proceed with caution, whereas red indicates a known phishing site and you should not proceed.

The Padlock icon which used to appear on the status bar below a web page now appears next to the address bar. Clicking on the Padlock gives you more information about the site to help you decide if it is safe to use.

You can clear your browsing history at the end of a session by clicking on the Tools menu then Delete Browsing History.

You can then choose what to delete - your History of visited sites, Passwords, data entered in Forms, Cookies which save your web site preferences, or Temporary Internet Files.

Temporary Internet Files are web site files - such as images and media - that are stored so that the same files do not have to be redownloaded each time you visit a site.

However, these temporary files can build up over time and end up using unnecessary disk space, so it is worth deleting these occasionally.

Although Internet Explorer 7 is a much safer browser than previous versions, it is still important to make sure you install dedicated Internet security software and keep it up-to-date.

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