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Question's List List of Questions available in "Basic Knowledge about the Internet"
  1. Different Types of Internet Connections Available
  2. My browser window opens too small
  3. History of the Internet - Timeline
  4. My browser address bar has disappeared
  5. What is IP or Internet Protocol?
  6. Why does online music or video keep cutting out?
  7. What happens if a file I'm downloading gets interrupted or I need to pause and finish later? Do I have to start over?
  8. Zoom in on a Web page
  9. Cookie Duration
  10. What is an IP Address
  11. Some Web sites do not display correctly.
  12. What are Cookies?
  13. About VoIP
  14. What is a router and how does it work?
  15. Web page text is too small
  16. What is Website Hosting?
  17. Choose colors used on Web pages
  18. What are Viruses and Where Do They Come From?
  19. Why Would I Need a Router?
  20. Change text size on Web pages
  21. Keeping Track of Cookies
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